Heath Hollensbe

This is the official website of Heath Hollensbe. Heath is a Seattle based follower of Jesus who is learning to love his neighbor as much as he loves himself. And here's where he blogs about it.  

Heath Hollensbe is a follower of Jesus who is learning to love his neighbor as himself. 

Heath was born and raised in San Diego. However, at the age of 22, he and his friend Erik moved to Nashville with hopes of making Chris Tomlin his servant, and becoming more famous that Michael W. Smith. Unfortunately, he was not willing to sell his soul to the Contemporary Christian Music gods, and left it all.... Leaving him disillusioned with the church, christians, and any form of industrialized Christian paraphernalia and propaganda.

That lead him to leaving the "traditional american church" for a season as he processed what really following Jesus means (and if it is necessary with the corporate structure that most churches are currently modeling.)

 Through that he is learning a lot. That plus his passion for writing leads him to lots of blogging. Heath's heart is especially towards artists and creatives (who he believes, with ample evidence, have been neglected by the church.)

This is the place where he blogs. 

While many folks who became dis-ilusioned with the church become critical and angry, Heath has a passion for the church and desires to love her by serving her with his gifts and talents.

He hates exercise, but is a season ticket holder of the Seattle Sounders FC. (Real Football, the greatest sport in the world). Unfortunately, due to his travel schedule, he often misses games and spends a majority of his time teary-eyed in hotel rooms about that situation. Heath also has never turned down the offer of a margarita. He prefers them over water. He is also passionate about bartending and vintage european spirits. 

He is married to a woman who is so far out of his league that it is literally comical (Kathleen), and they have 5 children together (4 currently living). This crazy bunch lives outside of the most beautiful city in the USA (but not the world), Seattle, WA

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